Luxury Rooms

First Kiss Room
Daily: $129 USD
Weekends/Holidays: $139 USD

Kiss Me Again Room
Daily: $129 USD
Weekends/Holidays: $139 USD

La Turca’s Suite
Daily: $139 USD
Weekends/Holidays: $149 USD

*prices do not include tax


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Our Luxury Rooms are distinguished by their size and special amenities. Each is unique. All rooms are special!

Rooms rates are based on double occupancy. Rooms at Casa de la Noche include breakfast between 8:30 and 9:30.

Some are located in our nearby alternative locations (within a five minute walk and located at an excellent Centro addresses). For guests staying at Casa Manana, breakfast is available by special arrangement only.

Check them to see which you would like to reserve.



First Kiss Luxury Room

Kiss Me Again Luxury Room

turcaLa Turca’s Suite