Casa de la Noche is ideally situated in downtown San Miguel (Colonia Centro.) We are literally four blocks from the Jardin, meaning we are a 5 minute walk from the center of San Miguel activities including the finest restaurants, live performances, shops, food stands, and more. We are also just far away enough to ensure a great night’s sleep on a quiet, safe street.

Map of San Miguel de Allende and Casa de la Noche

Map of San Miguel and Casa de la Noche

1. San Miguel Archangel Parrish Church
2. Casa de Allende Museum
3. Main Square Garden ”Jardín”
4. De la Canal Counts House
5. Mayor Hall
6. Post Office
7. San Francisco Temple
8. Civic Plaza
9. Oratorio Temple
10. Ignacio Ramirez Market
11. Public Library
12. Angela Peralta Theatre
13. Fine Arts Institute
14. Las Monjas Temple
15. San Juan de Dios Market
16. San Juan de Dios Temple
17. Bull Ring
18. Allende Institute
19. Benito Juarez Park
20. Chorro Drive
21. San Antonio Temple
M: Scenic View
G: Gas Station

Map of Mexico showing Guanajuato

Map of Guanajuato, Mexico showing San Miguel de Allende