Rumors have it that our house, with large common rooms and especially nice spaces for group gatherings, Casa de la Noche, has a little of its own history…and for this we pay homage to the working girls in our past.

Locals remember Madam Turca’s Casa de la Noche for its fine dining and fine women, both once available for a nominal fee. Operated in the mid 20th century by Gloria Leon, La Turca, a generous, ample woman with large eyes, and black hair that spiraled from her head, “Casa de la Turca” closed in the early 1960’s following many scandals. Her private residence, located next to the bordello, operated in secret a while longer.

Originally the house was located a little farther from town on a street where the Mayor lived, but the story is told that his mother was due to visit, and embarrassed by his neighbors, he ordered La Turca to move her house and girls to Organos Street, where it now stands.

Business flourished and the house was known for its bar, dance hall, and girls. Patron’s anonymity was respected, and it is reported that all levels of society were frequently represented. Competition for the favors of the girls and alcohol would mix and sometimes ended in duels and deaths. Eventually the “house” was closed in the early 1960’s when the state of Guanajuato criminalized prostitution as a result of scandals related to mistreatment of the girls and their clients.

Since those old days the house has been renovated several times and has now evolved to its present role of a charming guesthouse with 4 cozy “girls'” rooms with private baths and nine suites with nearby kitchenettes and salas. Flowers, fountains and lots of original art fill the living, dining and patio areas.

These interesting and spacious common rooms are where the areas of the bar and dance hall associated with the Bordello were in the past. These spaces now accommodate receptions and meetings and are comfortable areas for guests to gather.

The main “sala” is also the home of the “Bordello Galeria”, a single-event artist’s venue for some of the best art shows in San Miguel.

Fortunately for us, this once “out of the way area” is now an easy 5 minute level walk to the center of town, perfect for a quick access to all the best San Miguel has to offer. Great shopping, dining, language and art schools, galleries, theaters, and the largest English language library in Mexico are “just around the corner”.

Many special amenities may be custom designed for your group needs while you stay at Casa de la Noche…and of course, as in the past…we love to throw a party!

Let us know when you would like to visit and make your own history!